English bacon – in Serbia??

After many years in Serbia the NEOPLANTA “English bacon” seems to be pretty regularly in the supermarkets, at least at MERCATOR and IDEA (both in Novi Beograd). VERO down in Cvijiceva however, seems to constantly having some logistical problems with refilling their stocks and I’m leaving the shop more often without – than with the bacon. This is not a new issue, but it’s been like this for many years, but this is Serbia, isn’t it?

Now, I wasn’t supposed to talk about the distribution of the NEOPLANTA products, but the “English bacon” itself. I have no idea if the producer had the “luxury” market in mind when it was introduced, leaving the bacon without the skin. I have to say though; – the bacon itself is excellent, smoked right, no water inserted into the flesh, fries extraordinary well, but . . . , the skin is missing! Bacon has to have the skin as it becomes crispy in the pan before the fat and gives that extra crunchiness to the experience. I say, leave the skin on – and you have a “luxury” product – even better than the Danish English Bacon (who are big suppliers to the UK market)!

Production wise it should be easier as the skin doesn’t need to be removed before slicing. For the consumer the slices would be easier to divide from the pack as it would have a solid skin which the slice would stick to (now it can become a real mess with everything entangled) – and not least price-wise, – the weight would be the same, but with less meat/fat. Less work – less money out, less “garbage” – more income – see the point?

I have been looking around for whom to talk to at NEOPLANTA, but it has been very difficult to find who to contact. Now I’m trying this way.

I’m only trying to help.