Produce in Serbia

Do you need to have something produced, especially labor-intensive products? Or, do you need a prototype of your idea made / developed which would costs you your “shirt and leg” in your country?  I recommend Serbia which is a low-cost country with a highly skilled, educated and professional workforce.
For possible investment in Serbia I would recommend redaing the CorD Magazine.

Serbia is a landlocked country, but it sits at the crossroads beMap of Europe - the Danube-Rhine linktween East and West, North and South with excellent communications by rail and road. In addition we should not forget the biggest “highway” through Europe, from the Black Sea to the North Sea – Rhine / Danube (via the Main – Danube canal) which runs through Serbia. This allows for the production and transport of heavy, normally un-transportable and inappropriate loads to be shipped to ports available to handle onwards transport.


With almost 22 years in Serbia I have a excellent overview of what can be offered in the market. I have a wide collection of contacts which are ready to do business with you in various fields such as:

– Metal industry;

– Agricultural products (especially fruits);

– Wood / timber products;

– Minerals (marble, granite);

– Clothing / Textiles;

– Pharmaceuticals;

– Military supplies;

– Etc., etc.

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For Serbian companies / businesses:

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